Restorative Dentistry Services in San Antonio

Missing or severely damaged teeth can have a significantly deleterious effect on both your dental health and your smile. Not only can a missing tooth change the appearance of your smile, but it can also lead to potential health issues such as shifting teeth and difficulty keeping your mouth clean. Villa Dental offers a variety of state-of-the-art restorative dentistry procedures to help our patients enjoy gorgeous smiles and good oral health. If you have lost a tooth for any reason, contact our office immediately.

Restoring Your Missing Teeth

Whether your teeth have gone missing because of an accident, tooth decay, or a chronic health issue, it is essential that you have the problem dealt with by a qualified dental practitioner as soon as possible. Your dentist can use the latest and best techniques to restore your teeth, enabling you to enjoy both the functional and aesthetic benefits of a full smile. These are some of the most common techniques for restoring teeth:

  • Dental Fillings. Dental fillings are widely used as a treatment for tooth decay, but they can also be used to treat cracks in your teeth. When you receive a filling, your dentist will numb the area, remove any damaged tissue, and restore your tooth to as close to its original condition as possible using an amalgam—a tooth-colored material designed to be durable and lasting.
  • Dental Crowns. Also known as a cap, a dental crown is basically an artificial tooth that fits precisely over your damaged tooth, thus providing you with a brand-new and fully functional tooth. Dental crowns can be used to replace missing teeth, severely cracked teeth, teeth that have been treated with root canal surgery, and even badly stained teeth.
  • Dental Bridges. As the name suggests, a dental bridge is intended to literally bridge the gap in your teeth. Often used for spaces in your smile with multiple missing teeth, dental bridges are artificial teeth that are held in place by a dental crown on either side. They are usually made from materials such as ceramic and metal.

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When you’re in need of a family dentistry practitioner that offers restorative dental treatment, Villa Dental can provide you with the first-rate dental care you’re looking for. Our team is committed to ensuring that each and every patient has a positive experience. To find out more about the dental services we offer at our office, call Villa Dental today at 210-920-8481.